Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the year 2012

Well, here we are again, on the brink of yet another "New Year". And yet, this one is supposed to be "special" and has everyone all a-flutter with predictions and anticipation. Being the avid reader I am, I have read a lot of speculations about what, if anything, will happen on Dec. 21st, 2012 so there is enough interest there to be at least a bit of a curiosity. But that's about as far as it goes. Whatever does or doesn't happen is certainly beyond my control, so there isn't much sense in worrying about it, in my opinion.

But in the spirit of 2012 being special, I think I'll set some goals for myself. I usually don't do "New Year's Resolutions" because I generally know when I'm lying to myself. So instead, I'm going to call these my "New Year's pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking thoughts.....

I'm going to pretend that despite all evidence to the contrary...God will allow me to leave the area and make a fresh start somewhere new.....preferably with mountains.

I'm going to fantasize that wherever I end up...there will be room for a workshop separate from my livingroom so that when my children and grandchildren visit...I won't feel like they're standing on top of me.

I think I'll dream that certain people will suddenly be struck by a flash of enlightenment and finally understand why I do what I do....and remember that I always ask myself "What would Love do Now?"....because I really am that way.

I'm going to let myself believe that someone will remember I promised I'd always be his friend even though he can't be mine. It really is that simple. I have no expectations of return for the things I do.

I'm going to allow myself to imagine that maybe, just maybe....Mr. Wonderful didn't want me because Mr. Fantastic is just around the corner. (really hard to imagine...but I'm going to try...)

I think I'll find myself a full-time, year-around job so I can save up enough cash to finally get a stamp in my Passport. And then, maybe I'll just stay there.

I'm going to try really really hard to find something I want more than I want that next cigarette so I can become the non-smoker I once was.

I'm going to re-engage life again. Being on "strike" has been fun, but I know I can't play this game forever. At some point I need to pick a direction and go..........I'll think of something...maybe....kinda....sorta....I hope.....OKAY OKAY...I kinda like not chasing the proverbial rainbow and just living a simple life. So sue me. Yep, definitely tried to lie to myself with that one. Can't I just find a kind-hearted man to spoil??? Is it really such a crime to want something so simple???

It'd probably be easier to just adopt an orphan from Timbuktu, Africa.

Okay, being real and genuine now (am I ever anything OTHER than real and genuine???)......I really love my little dogs....they're such good cuddlers.....

HEY....Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!